Internet of things (IoT)

Examples of Internet of Things

Future Possibilities?

As we go onward there is so much more that the Internet of Things can expand into. There are endless possibilities with automation and simplicity. Just think in a few years we can have automatic yard cleanup (lawnmowers and leaf pickup), Painting, Garbage Disposal, Shopping, and so much more possibilities. The internet of things can open so many possibilities. While what can come is good it can also cause harm with job loss. Because things can be automated you won't have to pay for manual labor which may be good for bigger corporations but not for the average worker. It's hard to say if everything really wants the Internet of Things to expand as much as it can because of its downsides but it can be so much. It is really endless what is to come the only worry is will it be too much? There are a book and a short film with it called the veldt. It is about a family with a house that has everything automated including the care for 2 children called the nursery. They spend so much time in it that it is all they care about and end up making some very bad decisions. It will be linked below.

Some questions to think about

When talking about the Internet of Things there are a few questions that come to mind and get me thinking so I figured I would share them so you can also think about them.



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